Golf is a game of nerves and control. In a game of golf one needs to have full concentration on the game in order to do well. Every shot in golf has to be perfectly thought of then executed with precision. A bit of distraction could be destructive for any golfer. Getting distracted for a second could lead the golf ball out of the green, into a lake or into a sand pit all of which are a night mare for any golfers. In many such situations when a shot goes wrong it is obvious for a golfer to feel the anger, every golfer has their own technique of handling this anger.

All golf players go through such a situation at some stage in their carrier. There cannot be a single player who has been successful in controlling their anger during the entire tenure of their carrier. Every golfer has uttered a swear word, thrown their club away or just dropped to their knees with anger. Swearing is not really a big problem on the golf course where most of the people watching the game are adults. The problem comes when such a game is being telecasted live all over the world. Swear words in such games could get any player in some serious trouble.

In the last decade it has happened at many occasions that swears from golfers were telecasted worldwide. Among these players currently Tiger Woods is at the top since his carrier went into downfall in 2008. His swears have gone around the world many times and in response there have been quite some complaints against him. Not just swearing throwing a club in anger could also be bad for a player, a player could end up paying hefty sums as fine due to this act. Rory MacIlroy is the number one player currently and just recently he has been seen throwing a golf club.

This anger is not only faced by the players, the people who are involved in golf betting also undergo such circumstances. In golf the bets in most of the cases are bigger than other games because golf is known as the game of the rich. So if someone loses a big amount in golf betting then it is correct for them to be angry. On the other hands a player getting angry on live cameras is not such a great thing because their acts in anger could be disturbing for some people.

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Photo created by Keith AllisonIn an MVP-level faceoff, the Golden Warriors have clinched 99-98 victory over the Houston Rockets. The game was tough and the Warrior’s were at the threshold of losing. Thanks to the Curry’s quick hands, Warriors have surpassed a defeat, by registering a marginal victory at the end.

On the other hand, Rockets can also claim the same, as they played extremely well in this match. The overall outcome was an excellent match that was nicely poised for the spectators. This nail biting finish has been thoroughly enjoyed by the fans of each team. James Harden’s performance in the match was remarkable. He saved two times his team from a large deficit. His first rescue happened in the second quarter of the game, when Warriors bagged 17 points with 7:43 left in the half.

The second rescue was even more crucial than the first one. At that moment Warriors were at eight, with 1:39 minutes left on the clock. When the buzzer finally blew up, Warriors were 2-0 ahead of their opponents. Harden’s forehead was planted on the floor at that moment.

For Curry’s team, the next step was to take care of the ball in a better manner. The match was a complete stunner for everyone. This close fight was certainly enjoyed by the whole arena.

Kerr told that they were extremely happy after the victory. He wanted to run and make chaos in happiness. He acknowledged that playing against Houston is difficult, as extra care needs to be taken. This is why the victory is so special for them.

Fortune was also with the Warriors at the last match. Without a slick of luck, this victory would not have been registered. The 2-0 advantage is a great moral boost for the Warriors and all thanks to the coach for playing a crucial role in uniting the team.

Some people bets in different types of games just to have a fair idea about this world. However, others visit here regularly only to make profit from their investment and to change their luck overnight. If you are one of them, then you might dream to become a successful better one day. Well, there is nothing magical with this because betting is quite a scientific method and a matter of calculation. If you can choose your winning odds properly, you easily achieve the goal. 

A player needs to follow certain rules and regulations in order to take part in new age events of online sports betting. In addition to this, several well-planed strategies would add to the chances of winning the betting event. Some of the steps that would help in paving the way for following a proper way to take part in online sports betting and winning them can be mentioned as follows:


Use of Sportsbook

Modern day sports betting sites checks a player’s association with a Sportsbook. An account with a valid Sportsbook ensures that the player would get authenticated references for taking part in sports betting, online. These sportsbooks even provide advantage of scorecards, which helps an aspiring person to glance over all ongoing betting events and take a decision regarding where to place the bet.


Analyzing through statistical data

Majority of online sports betting websites provide statistical data regarding results of previous betting events, number of bets placed on various games, value of bets on several occasions and even a comparative study of ongoing betting events. These data proves beneficial in determining the future course of any ongoing betting event, related to any sport. An expert would easily calculate the outcome of sports events by carefully analyzing live data that flashes on the scoreboards.

NCAA countdown: No. 34 Villanova
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The first word: Villanova coach Jay Wright is sitting much more comfortably than he did a year ago. He’s not shy in admitting the Wildcats were a “bad team” at the start of the 2012-13 season — evidenced by an 18-point November loss to Columbia, a team that went on to finish 4-10 in the Ivy League.

As the season progressed, though, Villanova got much better and eventually squeaked into the NCAA tournament field thanks to an above-.500 record in the punishing Big East, which included court-rushing victories against then-top five teams Louisville and Syracuse.

Now, Wright brings back a nucleus from a team that also beat Georgetown, Marquette and UConn last season. Villanova enters the 2013-14 season in a restructured Big East with the pieces in place to contend for a title, led by returning forward JayVaughn Pinkston and a seasoned backcourt.

2012-13 in review: 20-14 overall (10-8 in Big East), lost in second round of NCAA tournament to North Carolina.

Tournament projection: At-large bid, No. 9 seed.

Conference outlook: There are many questions for the upcoming season in the new Big East, now a 10-team basketball-focused league made up of the seven Catholic schools that departed the traditional Big East (Marquette, Georgetown, Villanova, St. John’s, Providence, Seton Hall and DePaul) and newcomers Butler, Xavier and Creighton. The league race appears to be wide open, and the Wildcats would have to beat out four other NCAA tournament-caliber teams in Marquette, Creighton, Georgetown and St. John’s.

Coach’s corner: “I like our experience level. We still kind of look young, but we’ve got a lot of experience. Guys played as freshmen and sophomores. We only lost one starter in Mouphtaou Yarou. I just think as a team, we started to mature at the end of last year, and I think we can really build on that this season.” — Wright, now in his 13th season at Villanova.

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